Thermal Dynamics Inc

Thermal Dynamics Inc aka (Southdown Thermal Dynamics)

We worked at this fabshop in Houston, Tx for approximately 3 years. These are the only images and videos of the project, that can be found online. I rescued them from an old VHS tape that had sat in my attic for years. The quality is a little jumpy and blurred, but it was the best I could do.
A total of five, HT-5 units were built. We shipped them to El Segundo, and low and behold they worked as advertised. They operated at such a high temperature, we had to use exotic materials to keep the piping from melting down (which did happen on the first units). I can’t even remember the names of the alloys we used, but we had to send the material out to a machine shop, so they could shear it into wire we could then use to heliarc weld with.
This was a sacred mission for most of the employees. This unit could take almost any hazardous material, and after it was ran through the distillation process, the leftover product was safe enough to spread over a beach. The people believed in it and poured their heart and soul into building them. Call it greed, but the company owner and shareholders finally killed the dream.

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