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From a web designers standpoint, building a website to be pleasing to the eyes and functional on both a mobile device, and also on your PC browser, is tricky to say the least. Since most of us here work in construction, and it’s a little difficult to carry your laptop up in the pipe racks with you, We leaned more toward a responsive design for our members.

We will try and answer the most common questions, users may ask about navigating this website. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, use the comment box below and describe your problem. If for some reason you can’t login, shoot us an  Email.

Login with Social Account:

Make sure you’re signed into your Facebook or other Social ID first. Check by visiting your Social Account on your PC or Mobile browser, and verify you’re logged into the account that you want to use. You can skip this step and let the app redirect you. The choice is up to you. This is the easiest, safest and is also the only way of logging into this website at the moment.
Note: You can log in two ways. Through the main site or from the forum. Both ways will log you into the site. Click on the social icon you want associated with this account, facebook, linkedin or google. Keep in mind however, if you’re trying to log out, you should also check both places and confirm that you are.
The Search Box:

This is an important tool for you to use. Posts that contain a lot of information, such as the forum, large tables, etc, will have a separate Search Box added to them. This will help improve locating items faster. As this website grows bigger, things will become harder for you to find. Use this tool and make things easier on yourself.
See Also: Archives (Lists every post topic on this website). Lexicon (Lists every term added to this website).

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The Comment Box:

You will notice the comment box under almost every post. This is a powerful tool for you to use. We have also implemented using paid plugins, so our members will have a better experience here. You will now have the option of uploading images, video and attachments into the comment section. Click on the thumbnail image to see some of the features available for you to use with it.


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Smoked Haze Boards:

This is where the action takes place. You can introduce yourself and get to know other members from around the world. Get started by logging in, update your timezone, change your profile avatar, these are among a few settings available in your personal account settings. You can also add images, video, and a host of other attachments into your personal media library. These files will remain in your account, to be reused by you in future posts, or deleted. Click on the thumbnail image to see some of the features available for you to use with it.